Lost and Found

nuitblanche.lab creation From May to September, Marilyne Grimmer went to meet people from Brussels who have lost an object. Together they talked about memories, regrets, coincidences or small miracles, trying to reconstitute the lost object. Sometimes the memory does not forget and leaves a trace. You too, come and leave your story! All along the […]


nuitblanche.lab creation CUCINE(S) is the result of an artistic investigation into culinary practices in the Fontainas, Senne and Rempart des Moines districts. Initiated by Floriane Facchini & Cie, Cucine(s) puts forward empirical knowledge, oral cultures and knowledge of the ordinary, during festive banquets entitled Les Grandes Tablée. On the Place de Ninove, you will find […]

17 Mouvements

nuitblanche.lab creation In November 2021, Decoratelier has been commissioned to design sports facilities on the Rempart des Moines social housing site. But facilities for whom? And where? Is a muscle cage still needed in Brussels? What about the modules already installed near block 12? Are they being used? 17 movements is looking for answers to […]

Le Bureau des Colères

The BUREAU DES COLERES is a self-declared ‘artistic service to the population’ and explores the links between violence and representation while highlighting the social emergencies of the city. From the statements collected from passers-by who expose the origins of their anger and its outbursts, photographic stagings have been imagined. On October 1st, the BUREAU DES […]