A travers les Marolles

MAHAUT is a creative urban planning agency. Founded by Pauline Cabrit and Alexia Rincé, it was born of its founders’ desire to produce sensitive testimonies about city life, and, in doing so, break out of the technical ruts in which this field is so often confined. MAHAUT’s aim is to tell the story of the city straight from the mouths of the people who live in it.

MAHAUT is the embodiment of curiosity and enjoys reaching out to others. It’s her way of exploring the places they visit.

For Art+People, MAHAUT set out to meet five people they felt represent the neighbourhood. They will accompany them through a typical day in their lives. MAHAUT will take a look at their relationship with the area, how they experience it and the role it plays in their own lives. Its work, which is both visual and narrative, will therefore represent the Marolles district through the eyes of some of its key residents.

MAHAUT takes an immersive and collaborative approach to reporting, in which subjects play an active role in the creation of their images.

From now on, MAHAUT will be using Art+People’s broadcast channels on a regular basis to report on a rich and constantly changing neighbourhood.

In keeping with MAHAUT’s proposal, the texts will be published in French.

Click here to follow MAHAUT’s stroll through Les Marolles.

Artists:  Alexia Rincé and Pauline Cabrit