17 mouvements - the publication

In November 2021, Decoratelier has been commissioned to design sports facilities on the Rempart des Moines public housing site. But facilities for whom? And where? Is a muscle cage still needed in Brussels? What about the modules already installed near block 12? Are they being used? 17 mouvements is looking for answers to these questions, first by listening and then by building.

Camille Thiry, from Decoratelier, went there every week with an empty notebook and a handful of questions. What muscle do you want to work on? What movement do you want to create?

As a follow-up to this project, the eponymous publication highlights the trajectories and spaces of 17 mouvements. It embodies a succession of negotiations that took place between January and November 2022.

100 pages, 14 x 21.5 cm, perfect binding
Language : French
ISBN: 978-2-9603207-0-1
Price : €13

A publication of Decoratelier with a text by Camille Thiry.
Editor: Jozef Wouters.
Graphic design and photography : Enzo Smits
17 movements was realized by the city of Brussels in the framework of nuitblanche.lab, with the support of Bruss-it (Flemish community commission). With the help of Habitat et Rénovation – PCS Rempart des Moines/Papenvest, Bravvo, Promo-Jeunes, JES and Logement Bruxellois.